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The Hyper-Soc Project
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Introductory Sociology
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A Hypertext Study Guide & Computerized Laboratory for Introductory Sociology

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A new concept in teaching sociology, HyperSoc gives instructors a computerized knowledge base of presentation screens for lectures. It gives students a computerized study guide, on-line glossary of sociological terms, and personalized interactive laboratory experiences relating sociology to their own lives.


Select here to view a demonstration of a sociology timeline. This demonstration is an excerpt from the Hyper-Soc program.


Comprehensive scope

Hyper-Soc is not a specialized program for only one part of a course. It includes all topics covered by most introductory textbooks.

In-depth, organized coverage

Includes Important trends, findings, and concepts Controversies, issues Theoretical perspectives Linkages to other topics Exercises and discussion questions Proponents, critics, classics, exemplars References


Hyper-Soc includes an on-line glossary of over 1,100 sociological concepts. Hypertext terms can be viewed by simply clicking on them. From anywhere in the program users can scroll a list of terms or type in a partial phrase to view a concept.

Links concepts across topics and chapters

Hyper-Soc encourages students to explore links among concepts, theoretical perspectives, and issues. For example, in the chapter on social interaction, users can select symbolic interaction to view a description of that theoretical perspective. Next, they can view Mead's application of symbolic interaction to socialization. Within that section, they can view a definition of "symbols," and so on. Hypertext linkages cross chapters, perspectives, and applications, helping students integrate these concepts in a way they can never do with a fixed text.


  • NETWORKABLE - HyperSoc can be installed on campus networks at various sites or run as a stand-alone program.
  • LECTURE MATERIALS - Use selected screens, data graphs, and interactive experiences to illustrate concepts in lectures. Use hypertext links and glossary search to cover materials in your own sequence and pace, letting you select which topics to emphasize or skip and the level of depth desired
  • INTERACTIVE SIMULATIONS MAKE GREAT CLASSROOM DEMONSTRATIONS - liven up classroom presentations and stimulate discussion.
  • LABORATORY SIMULATIONS ARE SELF-SCORING - Students turn in a printout with a summary of their performance. All you do is record the grades. Reduces staffing requirements and prevents grading errors.
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE of major sociological issues suitable for USE WITH ANY INTRODUCTORY TEXT (Versions tailored for specific texts are available from some publishers--see below.)
  • CONTENT CAN BE MODIFIED FOR CLASSROOM PRESENTATION - add your own information, preplanning your lecture sequence, and adding new links among screens. You can strengthen sections of particular interest, refer to work by people in your department, add examples appropriate for your students, and tailor to emphasize concepts of your own choosing. You can even add VGA graphics including scanned images or data graphs. (Authoring module required.)
  • DISSEMINATE CLASSROOM MATERIALS AT MINIMAL COST to department even for large classes, by incorporating them into Hyper-Soc as additional screens. (Authoring module required.)
  • MULTIMEDIA PLATFORM. - Can incorporate scanned images, graphics, audio, and even video. (Windows version required)


  • LECTURE NOTES & STUDY GUIDE - Students can review materials presented in class at their own pace.
  • ON-LINE GLOSSARY of over eleven hundred sociological terms, with hypertext definitions available throughout the program.
  • CONNECTIONS - Hypertext links connect concepts and perspectives across chapters helping students see interrelationships and an organized structure of sociological knowledge..
  • INTERACTIVE SIMULATIONS TAILORED TO THE INDIVIDUAL STUDENT - over 4 dozen simulations illustrating sociological concepts and perspectives. Linking concepts and perspectives to the student's own characteristics helps motivate students and show how sociological concepts are relevant to their own lives. A complete sociological laboratory for students to experience sociology.
  • GRAPHS - Over 100 graphs summarize important trends and relationships and illustrate concepts and perspectives.
  • ON-LINE COACH - Students can turn on an on-line coach to occasionally quiz them on sections they just completed and recommend sections for further review.
  • DISCUSSION QUESTIONS and out-of-class exercises stimulate critical thinking.
  • EXTENSIVE REFERENCES, including contemporary readings and classics.
  • ON-LINE TUTORIAL AND HELP FACILITY - walks students through using the program and explains features.
  • STUDENT MANUAL with installation instructions and summaries of key features and commands.


    HyperSoc includes over 100 graphs illustrating sociological concepts and presenting data. Graphs are selected to highlight important trends in social life.



    Hyper-Soc includes over 4-dozen simulations using the student's personal characteristics, opinions, and beliefs to illustrate sociological concepts and issues. For example, in one simulation, students use sociological knowledge to predict various characteristics of a crime. After students answer each question, they are shown links to the text explaining that issue and the final summary screen gives an overview linking these issues back to the text.


  • MS-DOS VERSION - 640K RAM. Mouse not required but recommended, VGA graphics required to view graphics, CGA or higher permits viewing all text.

  • WINDOWS VERSION - available Fall, 1995.

  • TERMS:

  • The publishers listed below can be contacted for FREE DEMO DISKS, DESK COPIES and student prices. Prices may vary but should be approximately $12.50 per copy to bookstores for orders of 30 or more copies for a single class. Contact the Idea Works, Inc. for information regarding the AUTHORING MODULE.
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    Brown & Benchmark
    Brown & Benchmark publishes a special version of Hyper-Soc to accompany Human Arrangements: An Introduction to Sociology, by Allan G. Johnson
    Contact your local Brown & Benchmark representative or your college bookstore
    HarperCollins publishes a special version of Hyper-Soc to accompany Sociology, by Richard P. Appelbaum and William J. Chambliss
    Contact your local HarperCollins representative or your college bookstore


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