Light scattering and organic electronics research group


Welcome to our Webpage! The group is headed by Prof. Suchi Guha.
We are an experimental condensed matter physics group with a focus on organic semiconductors. Our current research involves fabrication and characterization of light-emitting displays, field effect transistors, and solar cells using organic polymers and molecules. We exploit light scattering techniques to answer key questions pertaining to the local structure of conjugated systems and to probe the nature of vibronic coupling as well as structural changes associated with transport in organic field-effect transistors (FETs) and other devices. A major focus of our research is on improving the performance of FETs by controlling the polymer-dielectric interface by modifying the dielectric layer and incorporating new growth techniques for the polymer layer.

For more details, please see our research page.

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This illustration shows a theoretical simulation of the distribution of polymer on peptide nanotubes and an electron microscopy image of the nanocomposite.