Carnival Valor - Nov. 14-21, 2010

Sun. Nov. 14th - Before we get on the ship we have to go through the terminal. We went through the kiosks at the ship terminal easily. This was the first example of how organized Carnival is. We were able to book the “Behind the Fun” tour here.

Mon. 15 th – Fun day at Sea. We have put up a door decoration with a poster to write on. I was surprised that ours was the only one. Everyone loved it and filled in both sides.




The Monkeyheads were available too. We were able to get our on the Lido deck bar.


Tues. 16 th – Grand Cayman. There were 6 cruise ships there. We took a tender to the port. All the tours met there. Our first stop was the Stingray Sandbar. It was fairly shallow. You didn't even have to get your hair wet. We were able to hold the stingrays there. I did snorkel the area.

Next stop was Hell. It wasn't much more than a gift shop.

Then we went to the Turtle Farm. They told us about the life cycle of the turtles. We were able to hold them too.. That was interesting and fun.

On the ship I loved the live music. My favorite was the band Pure Band. They were very, very good. I think they got my ipod and played all the songs. Next time I'm going to follow more of the live bands. There were 7 or more live bands.

Wed. 17 th – Cozumel. We did the helmet diving. It was fun but very restrictive. Since we both scuba we wanted to swim away. Maybe next time we'll actually scuba.

Thurs. 18 – Belize. We went through the Mayan ruins Altun Ha. We always love seeing the ruins.

They had the deck party Thurs.night. It was raining so it was held on the promenade deck. We did the Electric Slide and the Duck Dance. I got up and danced with everyone.

Fri. 19 th – Roatan. It was too windy to dock here so we didn't stop. I did have a good time. Our cruise director, Goose, was everywhere. I got a chance to get my picture with him. I ask him how to get a "ship on a stick". He said we had to win it. I found he sent one to our stateroom with a photo of the ship.

The evening show was a Mo-town singer, Marcus Anthony. He pulled me onstage with him. We did the Twist. I got a bottle of champagne for this. Even though we missed the port I had a good time.

Sat. 20 th – Fun Day at Sea. This was the day they did the ‘'Behind the Fun” tour. We saw several aspects of the ship. We even went to the bridge and had our picture taken with the captain.

Whale Tail cups were available today. They also had them on the Lido deck bar

Sun. 21 st . Disembarkation. Carnival was very organized with this. They were looking forward to the next passengers but they were good with us. Once we were off the ship we had to deal with customs. That wasn't very pretty.

We are going through Cruise withdrawal. The full 7 days were long but we were returned to reality with a “thud”.

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