Matthew McGrath


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Perceptual Epistemology:

Pragmatic Encroachment:

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Epistemology: A Contemporary Introduction, with Alvin Goldman, Oxford, 2014. Order from OUP: link,

Knowledge in an Uncertain World, with Jeremy Fantl, Oxford, 2009.  Order from OUP: link

Epistemology: An Anthology, (Blackwell Philosophy Anthologies), 2nd edition, Jeremy Fantl, Jaegwon Kim, Matthew McGrath, and Ernest Sosa, eds. (Malden, MA, Blackwell: 2008).

Between Deflationism and the Correspondence Theory. Garland Dissertations in Philosophy, 2000.

Encylcopedia Contributions, Book Reviews


  • "The Metaphysics of Looks" (in progress)
  • "Knowledge-Reason Links without Pragmatic Encroachment" (forthcoming), Synthese.
  • "Pragmatic Encroachment: Its Problems are Your Problems, too" (forthcoming), in a volume for OUP on reasons for belief and reasons for action.
  • "Alston on Perceptual Justification' (forthcoming in a special issue ed. by Thomas Senor on Alston's work)