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Welcome to my gallery. Please observe the copyright laws -- you may use these images for non-profit purposes, duly crediting the artist, but they may not be included in whole or in part in another person's artwork without my permission. Click on any print which you would like to see in a larger size; a new page will open with a full-size image. To return to the previous page, press the "Back" button of your browser.

These prints are editioned, i.e., there are several impressions, about 20 to 30 in each edition. Each print is an "original multiple" and may have minute differences from others in the edition. Of course, these prints are created by the silkscreen process; those dated earlier than 1987 were printed with solvent-based inks, the later ones with water-based colors. All are printed on high-quality 100% rag papers.

I have also included some digital photos which are printed at high resolution as large as 12" x 18" on Canon Photo Paper Pro and other acid-free papers. Digital photography is my current medium of choice.

If you have a technical interest in the fascinating printmaking medium of serigraphy, here is some information about the silk screen process. And if you are interested in a concise history of screenprinting, here is an extremely readable summary written by Sande Chen for MIT's newspaper The Tech in Cambridge, MA, in conjunction with the exhibition "American Screenprints: 1930's-1960's" held at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in September 1995.

--Lawrence Rugolo

Prints from the 1960s

Prints from the 1970s

Prints from the 1980s

Prints from the 1990s and 2000s


Digital Photos

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