Money-saving Tips for Scrapbookers...

Scrapbooking costs money. Starting up a scrapbooking hobby can cost a lot of money. Here are some ideas to help decrease your costs:

Wait for sales. Many scrapbooking stores will have special sales each week or month. Wait to buy your paper until they have a 20% paper sale, for example.

Scrapbook with a buddy. This allows you to share supplies such as scissors, punches, templates, embossing tools, etc.

Go to workshops. If there is something unique you want to do, but you don't want to buy a template for that one time, then go to a workshop and use theirs! This is especially true for punches. Many stores will have punch workshops where they allow you to use their punches to punch out as much stuff as you want!

Realize you don't need everything! Kristen Barnette started scrapbooking before there were a lot of templates, die-cuts, fancy scissors, etc available. She made some of her best pages with paper, regular scissors, a black pen and some imagination!

Use a die-cut machine at a local school or church! They have thousands of designs and all you need to bring is your own acid-free paper. It might cost you a little to use the machine, but in the end it will save you a lot! Also, you might volunteer to exchange some of your time in exchange for the use of their machine.

Trade extra or "I am tired of this" supplies with another scrapbooker.

Shop around. Walmart and Sam's clubs will suprise you with their selection and prices. Just make sure to look for the "acid free" and "lignin free" labels where applicable!

An added note on the "shop around" suggestions: Office Depot, Staples, and other large office supplies stores have some acid-free paper. Companies like Hammermill make only acid free papers and they have many colors and weights!

Copy friends' stencils by tracing the design on a cheap filing folder and cutting it out!

Save every scrap of paper! Keep them in a box for future use. One can make pages upon pages just using old scraps - plus they are great for punches!

Use cookie cutters for templates or die cut shapes!

Buy one die-cut and use it as a template to make more in different colors instead of buying several different colors.

Use stencils. A small investment in a nice alphabet stencil can save you a lot of money on letter stickers!

Shop prepared. Take a notebook with all of your pens drawn on it, your punches punched in it, your stencils lined in it, etc to make sure you don't buy duplicates!

Do you have other money-saving tips? Please mail us!