Alan Strathman
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Psychological Sciences
University of Missouri
210 McAlester Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

phone: 573-882-1966
fax: 573-882-7710

Much of my research has focused on an individual difference construct called the Consideration of Future Consequences (CFC). CFC concerns differences in the extent to which individuals are influenced by the immediate versus distant consequences of their behavior. CFC has been found to influence a wide variety of phenomena, including attitudes and persuasion, aggression, counterfactual reasoning, health-related behaviors such as practicing safe sex and decisions to be screened for the HIV virus, and environmental behavior such as recycling.

In addition, I continue to be interested in interpersonal relations and wisdom.

CFC is measured by the CFC Scale. The orginal version of the CFC Scale had twelve questions. The revised CFC Scale, CFC-14, was published in 2012. You are welcome to download a copy of the CFC-14 Scale here. In addition, here you can view and download a document containing more information about CFC including instructions for scoring the scale. If you use the scale in your research and are willing, you might e-mail me and tell me a little about the research you are doing.



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