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2008—Kathy Roberts Forde, Literary Journalism on Trial: Masson v. New Yorker and the First Amendment
2007--Robert Hariman and John Louis Lucaites, No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture and Liberal Democracy
2006--Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff, The Race Beat: the Press, the Civil Rights Struggle and the Awakening of a Nation
2005--Chad Raphael, Investigated Reporting: Muckrakers, Regulators, and the Struggle over Television Documentary
2004--James T. Hamilton, All the News That's Fit to Sell: How the Market Transforms Information Into News
2003--Robert Miraldi, The Pen is Mightier:The Muckraking Life of Charles Edward Russell
2002--Vincent Fitzpatrick, Gerald W. Johnson: from Southern Liberal to National Conscience
2001--Leonard Ray Teel,Ralph Emerson McGill: Voice of the Southern Conscience
2000--Robert Entman and Andrew Rojecki, The Black Image in the White Mind:Media and Race in America
1999--Robert McChesney, Rich Media,Poor Democracy: Communication Politics in Dubious Times
1998--James Ettema and Theodore Glasser, Custodians of Conscience: Investigative Journalism and Public Virtue
1997--Michael Robertson, Stephen Crane, Journalism and the Making of Modern American Literature
1996--Peter Canning, American Dreamers: The Wallaces and Reader's Digest
1995--Joyce Hoffmann, Theodore H. White and Journalism as Illusion
1994--Thomas Maier, Newhouse: All the Glitter, Power and Glory of America's Richest Media Empire and the Secretive Man Behind It
1993--Bryan Gruley, Paper Losses: A Modern Epic of Greed & Betrayal at America's Two Largest Newspaper Companies
1992--Vance H.Trimble, The Astonishing Mr.Scripps: The Turbulent Life of America's Penny Press Lord
1991--Daniel W. Pfaff, Joseph Pulitzer II and The Post-Dispatch: A Newspaperman's Life
1990--Peter Kurth, American Cassandra
1989--Hazel Dicken-Garcia, Journalistic Standards in Nineteenth-Century America
1988--Marie Brenner, House of Dreams: The Bingham Family of Louisville
1987--James L.Baughman, Luce and the Rise of American News Media
1986--Ann M. Sperber, Ed Murrow, His Life and Times
1985--Roy Hoopes, Ralph Ingersoll, A Biography
1984--Robert W. Desmond, Tides of War, World News Reporting 1931-1945
1983--E. Eugene Goodwin, Groping for Ethics in Journalism
1982--John Naisbitt, Megatrends
1981--Edwin Bayley, Joe McCarthy and the Press
1980--Ronald Steel, Walter Lippmann and the American Century
1979--David Halberstam, The Powers That Be
1978--Kevin M. McAuliffe, The Great American Newspaper, Rise and Fall of the Village Voice
1977--Chalmers M. Roberts, The Washington Post: The First 100 Years
1976--William Porter, Assault on the Media, the Nixon Years
1975--Claude-Anne Lopez and Eugenia W. Herbert, The Private Franklin: The Man and His Family
1974--Merlo S. Pusey, Eugene Meyer
1973--Marion K. Sanders, Dorothy Thompson
1972--William E. Ames, History of the National Intelligencer
1971--Charles H. Brown, William Cullen Bryant
1970--J. Cutler Andrews, The South Reports the Civil War
1970--Special Award to Eric Barnouw for his three-volume history of Radio-Television
1969--Calder Pickett, Ed Howe, Country Town Philosopher
1968--Bryce W. Rucker, The First Freedom
1967--James W. Markham, Voices of the Red Giants
1966--Oliver Knight, I Protest
1965--Elmer E. Cornwell, Jr., Presidential Leadership of Public Opinion
1964--Wilbur Schramm, Mass Media and National Development: The Role of Information in Developing Countries
1963--Peter Lyon, The Life and Times of S.S. McClure
1962--Theodore E. Kruglak, The Two Faces of Tass
1961--William S. Swanberg, Citizen Hearst
1960--Leonard W. Levy, Legacy of Suppression: Freedom of Speech and Press in American History
1959--Warren C. Price, The Literature of Journalism
1958--Arthur M. Schlesinger, Prelude to Independence
1957--Frank Luther Mott, A History of American Magazines 1895-1905
1956--Frederick S. Siebert, Theodore Peterson, and Wilbur Schramm, Four Theories of the Press
1955--J. Cutler Andrews, The North Reports the Civil War
1954--James W. Markham, Bovard of the Post-Dispatch
1953--Harold L. Cross, The People's Right to Know
1952--Frederick S. Siebert, Freedom of the Press in England, 1467-1775
1951--Meyer Berger, The Story of The New York Times
1950--Alex Inkles, Public Opinion in Soviet Russia
1949--Herbert Brucker, Freedom of Information
1948--Paul Lazerfeld and Patricia Kendall, Radio Listening in America
1947--Clarence S. Brigham, History and Bibliography of American Newspapers
1946--Bruce L. Smith, Harold D. Lasswell, and Ralph D. Casey, Propaganda Communications, and Public Opinion: A Comprehensive Reference Guide
1945--Neil Borden, National Advertising in Newspapers
1944--Thomas E. Dabney, One Hundred Great Years: A History of The New Orleans Times-Picayune

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