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University of Missouri-Columbia

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Researchers in the Yu group are exploring basic physics in optics and spectroscopy, and applying acquired knowledge to the development of novel devices and biomedical imaging systems. For example, we are developing coherence domain biomedical imaging techniques for biomedical tissue imaging. This project has been funded by National Science Foundation

Another biomedical imaging project we are working with is fluorescence mediated tomography based on the heterodyne method and the development of site-specific fluorescent peptides. The project will develop techniques and probes for early detection of breast and prostate cancers. The project was founded by National Institute of Health and Mizzou Advantage Program.

We are working on semiconductor quantum dots, UV detectors and nonlinear optics, including electric coupling in vertically coupled quantum dots, characterization of UV ZnO devices and second harmonic generation of organic and inorganic materials.

We are also using spectroscopic techniques to study various carbon materials (porous carbon, carbon nanotubes, C60 and graphene) for hydrogen storage applications.