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NEW February 2021

Securing American Agriculture for Independent Family Farms

Good Food; Your Right, Your Responsibility

Reclaiming the Future of Farming

The Changing Political Climate for U.S. Farm Policy

New Agri-food Opportunity in Peri-urban Areas

Rethinking Farm Policy; A Green New Deal for Family Farmers

The Economic Realities of CAFOs

Should Farmers be Paid for Ecosystem Services

Clean Water and Livable Communities

Planning for a Resilient Future

The Unfulfilled Promise of Rural America




Sustainability and Human Values

Toward an Ethic of Sustainability

Why Should We Teach Sustainability

Finding Harmony among Economy, Society and Nature

Ethical Issues in Eco-Justice within Western Culture

Beyond Sustainability

Authentic Sustainability

Albrecht Lecture: Healthy Soils, Healthy People

Change We Need, Change We Can Believe In

The Economics of Happiness

Healthy Soil, Healthy Farms, Healthy Food, Healthy People

Food, Friends and Faith; Cornerstones of Sustainability

A New Social Mission for Research & Education

Food, Faith and Earth: A Matter of Connections

Sustaining People Through Agriculture: Opportunities for Graziers

Finding Our Purpose in Perilous Times

Walking Our Path Without Fear

Reclaiming the Heart and Soul of Organics

Reclaiming the Soul of Food & Farming

Eating Local:  A Matter of Integrity

Agriculture:  A Legacy of Land and People

Sustainable Agriculture: It's About People

Reclaiming the Spiritual Roots of Farming

Farming with Values that Last: Family, Community, Land & Faith




Multifunctional Small Farms

So You Want to be a Farmer

Why be a Farmer

Multifunctionality and Sustainability: A New Future for Small-Scale Farms

Small Farms are Real Farms: A Question of Function

Family Farms of North America; Executive Summary

Small Farms are Real Farms; Revisited

Family Farms: Our Promise for a Sustainable Future

Can Industrial Agriculture Provide Global Food Security?

I Believe in the Future of Farming

Sustaining the Profitability of Small Farms

Back to the Future: Small Farms in 2050

Are Small Farms Real Farms? Does it Matter?

Do Mid-sized Farms Have a Future?

Who are the New Farmers? (USDA Census)

Small Farms in the Year 2050

Surviving the Next Farm Financial Crisis

Farming for Profit and Quality of Life

Innovation Through Tradition for Small Farm Success

Small Farmers, Big Markets:  Working Together for Sustainability

The New Food Culture: Good News for Small Farms                         

Small Farms: The Foundation for Long-Run Food Security

How Big Should a Small Farm Be?

The Small Farm Revolution

Small Farms: Their Role in Our Farming Future

Small Farms are "Real" Farms




Solutions for Food System Transformation

The Local Food and Family Farm Revival

Sustainability and Beyond-Through Cooperation

Agriculture and Forestry in a Changing World

The New American Farm in a Sustainable Capitalist Economy

2050 in America; Food and Farms of the Future

Industrialization of Agriculture; Consequences and Challenges

Farming in the Year 2050

Living in Interesting Times: Perils and Possibilities

Why Sustainable Family Farms are Critical to the Future

The Agricultural Extension System and the "New American Farmer"

The Family Farm on the Cutting Edge

The New Farm Crisis Calls for New Farm Policy

Painting a New Picture: The New American Farm

New Farmers for a New Century

Farming in Harmony

Reconnecting Consumers and Farmers in the Food System

The New American Farm

21st Century Agriculture: The End of the American Farm or the New American Farm




Crisis and Opportunity; Sustainability in American Agriculture; Revisited

Global Markets for Sustainably Produced Beef: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities

Feeding the World Intelligently

Sustainable Agriculture: Past, Present and Future

Sustaining the Sustainable Agriculture Movement

The Failure of Industrial Agriculture; Path to a Sustainable Food Future

Crisis and Opportunity in American Agriculture; Revisited

Economic Reflections on the New Agrarian Network

Crisis & Opportunity: Sustainable Agriculture in Rural America

Sustaining the Family Farm

Sustainable Agriculture: A North American Snapshot

Twenty Years of Sustainable Agriculture

A New Jubilee of Agricultural Sustainability

Sustainable Farms: Reconnecting with Consumers

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture: A Question of Social Justice

Reclaiming the Sacred: Sustainable Farming as a Metaphor for Sustainable Living

Hallmarks of Sustainable Farming Systems

Shared Leadership, Shared Responsibility and Shared Rewards

Some Missouri Farmers' Perspectives of Sustainable Agriculture

Understanding and Managing the Multi-Dimensions of Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture: A Positive Alternative to Industrial Agriculture

Fantasies of Mr. Avery's High-Yield Agriculture




Reclaiming the Roots of Organics

Saving the World by Reconnecting People and Place

Reconnecting with Each Other and the Earth

Agroecology: Science, Farming System, ore Social Movement?

Sustainable Agriculture is Growing; Right and by Nature

Organic Farms: The Roots of Sustainable Communities

Creating Earth Charter Community Food Systems; Starting at Home

The Economics of Organics

Sustaining the Integrity of Organics

Sustainable Energy from Agriculture; Food and/or Fuel

Fundamentals of Environmental Responsibility

Renewable Energy and Agricultural Sustainability

Investing in Solid Biomass Fuels

Are Advanced Agri-based Materials the Key to Sustainability

Rethinking the Meaning of Waste in Relation to Energy, Food & Climate

The Promise and Perils of Biofuels

Recycling for Sustainability

Concerned about the Climate?  Focus on the Economy

The Ecology of Sustainability

Environmental Risks Facing Farmers

Assessing the Health of Agroecocosystems: A Socioeconomic Perspective
The Architecture of Organic Production




In Defense of Farming

The Role of Urban Agriculture in a Changing Food System

Agricultural Leaders of the Future: Reconnecting Food, Farming, Society and Nature

Corporate Agriculture versus Family Farms

Why Local Foods

The Future of Food

The Challenge of Global Hunger: Time for a New Agenda

The Good Food Revolution

The Sustainable Food System Imperative; Change is No Longer Optional

For Those Who Eat Food: Your Perishable Future

Animal Agriculture - Animal Welfare; Setting Aside Divisions

Re-Creating the Food Economy; Beginning at Home

High Cost of Bad Food or Economics of Food Insecurity

The Future of Food: Sustainable Agriculture is not Optional

Rediscovering Agriculture: The Future of Farming

How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going? Growing Together in Strength

Agriculture in the Post-Industrial Era; Challenges & Opportunities for Alaskans

Corporatization of American Agriculture

Corporatization of Agricultural Policy

Corporate Food System: Consequences for Public Health

Healthy Food, Healthy People, Healthy Economy

Soil, Food and Obesity

Local Food: Revolution and Reality

Healthy Food, Local Food

The Economics & Ethics of Food

Current Status and Future Trends in American Agriculture

The Relocalization of Food: Values Added Agriculture

Key Ingredients in a Sustainable Food System

Agricultural Policies for Food Security

Reweaving the Fabric of Rural America

Your Food Systems: Are They Secure?

Choices and Consequences for the Future of Food & Farming

Linking the Future of Farming with the Past: Through Educational Farms

Reinventing the Food Chain

Successful Farming is Mainly About Thinking

Why Farming is Important in America

Can American Farmers Compete?

Hope for the Future of Farming: Rediscovering Agriculture

New Farmers for a New Century

The New American Agricultural Revolution




Eliminating Hunger: A Matter of Relationships

Clean Water: The Lifeblood of Livable Communities

Economic Colonization in Rural America

Health Soils, Health Communities, Healthy Economies: Making the Connections

Impacts of Industrial Agriculture on the Economic & Cultural Future of Rural Iowa

Transforming Rural Communities for Sustainable Prosperity

Rural Routes-Rural Roots; Challenges and Opportunities

Reclaiming Rural America; Sustainable Community Development

The Future for Family Farms & Rural Communities

The Arts & Sciences of Sustainable Community-based Food Systems

The Role of Rural Church in Sustaining Rural Communities

Principle-based Planning for Sustainable Communities

Reclaiming Rural America from Corporate Agriculture

The Next 30 Years of Provender

Sustaining the Common Wealth of Rural People & Places

Sustaining the Sacramental Commons

Sustaining the Rural Community Commons

Revitalizing Rural Communities Through Agriculture

Rethinking the Role of Agriculture in the Future of Rural Communities

Health Farms Healthy Communities: Our Link to a Sustainable Future

Sustaining Rural Communities through Sustainable Agriculture

Sustaining Communities Through Urban Agriculture

Healing and Creativity: A Whole Vision for Rural America

Sustainable Farming and Rural Community Development

Sustainable Agriculture as a Rural Economic Development Strategy

Who Owns America: Land Use Planning for Sustainability




Climate Change Policy for a New Green Economy

How the Economy Stole Democracy

Farm Policy at a Crossroads; A Time to Choose

The True Cost of Big Farms

The True Cost of Food: Valuing the Priceless

Farm Policy Perspectives: Past Present and Future

Food Sovereignty: A Revolution in US Farm Policy

Real Farms versus Farm Businesses

Innovations for Sustainable Prosperity

The Real Economics of Sustainability; Implications for Campus Grounds Managers

Corporatization of the American Food System

Organics: The New Business Model

Governance for Economic Sustainability

Can Corporations be Sustainable?

Managing for Sustainability

The 2012 Farm Bill Debate; Not just a New Farm Bill but New Farm Policy

Rethinking Farm Policy

Crisis and Opportunity in American Economy/Agriculture

The Economics of Sustainable Farming

Rethinking Sustainability; Food as a Metaphor

Sustainable Capitalism (in brief)

Sustainable Capitalism: Our Best Hope for the Future

A Common Sense Approach to Sustainable Business

The Green Tax Shift: Winners and Losers

Creating and Managing Sustainable Organizations

Conflicts of U.S. Farm Policy with Food Safety, Nutrition and Health

It's Time to Dismantle Failed Farm Programs

Financing the Future of American Agriculture

Rethinking the First Principles of Agroecology

The Economics of Hunger

Is Sustainable Capitalism Possible

Economic Realities of Sustainable Energy

Toward an Economy of Sustainable Energy

Reclaiming Our Food Sovereignty from the Global Economy

The Globalization of Agriculture: Implication for Sustainability of Small Horticultural Farms

New Farm Bill & U.S. Trade Policy: Implications for Family Farms & Rural Communities

Economics as if People Mattered; Farming for Quality of Life

Organic Agriculture Faces the Specialization of Production Systems

Rethinking the Economics of Self-Interests

The Case for a Bill of Rights for Sustainability

Toward an Economics of Sustainability

Sustaining the Profitability of Agriculture

Alternative Organizational Structures: Implications for Competitiveness of Markets
Making a Difference in the Future of Agriculture & Forestry: A Return to Common Sense




Some Things Everyone Should Know about CAFOs

Confronting CAFOs with Communities of Necessity

Holding Factory Farms Accountable Through the Power of Community

JFAN Annual Meeting 2017 Pre Note Address

Factory Farms versus Family Farms; Breaking the Grip of Corporate Agriculture

Factory Farms: The “Wicked Problem”

Why Bigger is Not Better

Battle over Factory Farms – Time to Take a Stand

CAFOs: A Question of Constitutional Rights

The Facts about Factory Farms (CAFOs)

CAFO Facts and Fallacies

Time to Change Business as Usual in Dealing with CAFOs

CAFOs or Communities: A Time of Decision


Exposing the Rural Health Fallacies of CAFOs

Going Public with Concerns about CAFOs

The Inevitable Economic, Ecological, and Social Consequences of CAFOs

Who Pays the Cost of Water Pollution and Depletion?

The Hidden Costs of Factory Farming

A Rural Revolution - Time to Act Against CAFOs

CAFO, Science & Grassroots Democracy

The Economics of CAFOs & Sustainable Alternatives

CAFOs, Self-Determination and Grassroots Democracy

Impacts of CAFOs on Rural Communities

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and the Future of Agriculture

The Concentrated Animal Feeding Controversy: A Question of Sound Science

Confronting CAFOs through Local Control

Hogs, Economics, and Rural Communities

The Questions Rural Communities Should Ask About CAFOs

Do We Need Large-Scale Confinement Animal Feeding Operations?

Corporate Hog Production: The Colonization of Rural America

Corporate Livestock Production: Implications for Rural North America

Economic Fallacies of Industrial Hog Production

The Real Economics of Factory Livestock

The Economic Impacts of Increased Contract Swine Production in Missouri

Top Ten Reasons for Rural Communities to be Concerned About Large-Scale, Corporate Hog Operations

Large Scale, Corporate Hog Operations:  Why Rural Communities are Concerned and What They Can Do



The New Farm

The New American Food Economy

New Farm Economics

New Farm Management

Marketing Strategies for New Farmers

Financial Management for New Farmers

New Farm Policy

The New Farm Crisis




Fincas Pequenas Multifuncionales (Spanish)

Los Nuevos Sistemas alimentarios de Estados  Unidos

Sostenibilidad y Biotecnologia

Los Costos Reales de la Globalizacion Para los Agricultores, Consumidores, y Nuestra Cadena Alimenticia

Nuevos Agricultores para un Nuevo Siglo

Role del Mercadeo en la Agricultura Sostenible

Vinculando el Futuro de la Agricultura con el Pasado: Mediante las Fincas Educativas

La Arquitectura de la Produccion  Organica




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