Leadership: Getting It Done

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The material presented in this book is a combination of real leadership experiences and academic sources. I am a professor of rural sociology who served 10 years as chair of a 15-20-person university department. For the last eight years I have been the 4th ward representative on the Columbia, Missouri City Council. This seven-member group is responsible for legislative actions in a city of 75,000. For three years, I also served as mayor pro tem. In addition, I have had leadership positions in many other City and University organizations and groups.

I have taught the Rural Sociology 205, Leadership in Today's World course for some 10 years. During this time several hundred students have read and commented on this text. It is not unusual for the students in the course to include officers from campus organizations. These, similar to I, bring a combination of experiences and academic knowledge to the subject.

I am very grateful to the many people, students and colleagues, who have made very helpful comments and suggestions.

Rex Campbell
Rex Campbell
Professor of Rural Sociology
University of Missouri

Rural Sociology 205
Leadership in
Today's World


Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Principles of Voluntary Leadership

Leadership Principles 1 - 16
Leadership Principles 17 - 37

Chapter 3
Leadership Principles and Leaders' Principles

Management vs. Leadership and Summary

Chapter 4
Important Traits of Effective Leaders

Chapter 5
Attributes of Good Followers

Chapter 6
Attributes of Good Listening

Chapter 7
The Community Development Approach to Leadership


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