Guilherme DeSouza
    Associate Professor

    325 Engineering Building West
    University of Missouri
    Columbia , Missouri 65211

    Phone: (573) 882-5579


        Ph.D.  Purdue University

Research Interests

        Robotic Phenotyping,
        Robotic Assistive Technology,
        3D Modelling and Object Recognition

        First Chair and co-founding member of the IEEE-CIS Mizzou Chapter



        ViGIR Lab has won a few times the "Best Lab Exhibit of the EWeek" (this my favorite time)

Opportunities for Students

         If you are a prospective grad student interested in joining the lab, you MUST first get accepted by the University of Missouri and by one of the departments with which I am associated (i.e. ECE or CS). For information on how to apply to our MSc. or PhD programs, please, check the University GradSchool and its Admission Website.
         If you are already a grad student in our department and need information on what classes to take, here is a suggestion for a plan of study in Robotic Vision.  If you are interested in Robotic Control, this plan of study on Visual Servoing may be more adequate. Other information about our graduate program and the requirements for a MSc. or PhD can be found here.
         If you are an undergrad looking for tracks, check theses options.


        ECE2210 - Introduction to Digital Systems (S08)
        ECE3210 - Microprocessor Engineering (S11 & F17)
        ECE3410 - Electronics and Signals (S06, F06, S07, and F07)
        ECE4220/7220 - Real Time Embedded Computing (S&F09, S&F10, F11, S&F12-16)
        ECE4270/7270 - Microcomputer Architecture and Interfacing (F08, S09, and S11)
        ECE4310/7310 - Feedback Control (Spring: 16)
        ECE4330/7330 - Introduction to Mechatronics and Robotic Vision (Falls: 06-17)
        ECE4340/7340 - Building Intelligent (Mobile) Robots (Spring: 16-17)
        ECE & CS 7720 - Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (S10-S14)
        ECE & CS 8690 - Computer Vision (S11, S13, S15, S17)
        ECE & CS 8725 - Supervised Learning (F14-F16)

Honors, Recognition, and Outstanding Achievements

        2011 Excellence in Teaching Award - Missouri Honor Award.
        2004 Outstanding Advisor of the Year Nominee from the Office of the Dean of Students at Purdue University.
        1998 Maria Canto Neuberger Memorial Research Award from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Purdue University.
        1997 Honeywell Teaching Award from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Purdue University.
        1996 NSF Grant to participate in the US/Japan Student Forum in Robotics.
        1996-1999 PhD. Fellowship, Brazilian Research Council, CNPq.
        1993 Scholarship, Brazilian Research Council, CNPq.


        Family & Friends