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QUIZ #2: Outline for Sexual Dimorphism essay

I. Intro: brief example of a sexual difference that catches the reader's interest (e.g., Hamadryas male baboon canines are twice as large as female canines — maybe even scan in a photo…). Statement of general problem (Some species are dimorphic, others less so, and some even monomorphic…). Potential solutions (hypotheses). How or what this essay does in regard to investigating the problem. Main argument.

II. Description of hypotheses and predictions. Underline or italicize or number different hypotheses. Follow same pattern of description for each. New paragraph(s) for each hypothesis, which include theoretical logic of hypothesis, and predictions. Work extra hard on developing good logical predictions; they are the "tests" that you will make.

III. Tests of hypotheses. Repeat statement of formal hypothesis and predictions/tests. Present data that test predictions. You may wish to present data analyses in a table here. State whether data analyses support or falsifies prediction. Note exceptions (some species may not fit general pattern).

IV. Discussion and conclusion. What do the data indicate? What do you conclude? What exceptions to the general patterns did you find? What additional information would you like to have?

V. Table of data. (by taxa)





Sex Dim




Var 1

Uni P

Mult P


Var 2






Ringtail Lemur

Ringtail Lemur

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