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Monkeys, Apes and Humans
Anthropology 1500
Department of Anthropology, University of Missouri-Columbia

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Hints on writing assignments

1) Do not bother with separate title pages or folders. Save paper.

2) Your grades are based on the following formula: 70% comprehension, 20% organization, 10% writing mechanics.

3) Before you sit down and write your essay, start with an outline. Formulate a topic sentence. Then you will know where you are headed. The topic sentence is very important; underline it in your finished essay.

4) Identify hypotheses/arguments/explanations concerning the issue to be addressed by your essay. Identify what predictions/implications the different hypotheses make. Identify which predictions are different, i.e., hypothesis A predicts X, whereas hypothesis B predicts Y, not X. This is a key to the scientific method (and common sense!). Discuss how data/information fit the predictions, i.e., test the hypotheses. Summarize and conclude: Which hypotheses seem more viable? What additional research needs to be done?

5) Plagiarism will result in a F grade for the course and a letter to the Dean's office. However, you are encouraged to discuss assignment material with classmates. Do your own writing and your own thinking.

Quiz revision shorthand

G!!! Good, great, nice, eureka

Imp Important, key point

WC Poor word choice

O (circled) Punctuation error

SP Spelling error

RO Run-on sentence. Break it up or simplify.

V? Vague idea in sentence. Be more specific.

Flf Fluff. B.S. Do not waste time with unnecessary fillers.

EG Provide an example.

ORG Sentence does not follow previous train of thought

??? Facts are incorrect

_/ Reverse word order

P Needs new paragraph here

------- Delete

W! Too wordy; shorten

LOG Problem with logic in sentence

SUBJ Subjective assertion/personal opinion -- give facts

TENSE Problem with tense in sentence

---> Move this part of the text to ...






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