SPECIES: Callithrix jaccus

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Ht. 7"-12" body; 7"-16" tail Wt.10-18 oz. Coat Fur is dense, silky, and generally forms tufts on ears. Color varies from white to reddish to blackish. Fur may be grizzled or marked, as with rings on tails.

Skin: ? Brain size: ? Locomotion: Quadrupedal running, vertical clinging and leaping on branches. Replacement of nails with claws assists in locomotion. Longevity: 7-20 yr.

GEPGRAPHIC LOCATION: Central and South American rainforests

ECOLOGY: Habitat: coastal and upland scrup forests, and parks. Homerange: Atlantic Coastal forest of NE Brazil 5,000 to 6,500 sq. meters. Day Range: 500-1000 meters. Population Density:?

DIET: omnivorous; specialized lower incisors. They are enlarged and chiseled to enhance ability to gnaw holes in trees, for tree saps and gums.

SOCIAL ORGANIZATION: Group size: 8-10, but can be up to 15. Composition: multi-male/multi-female; one male/multi-female; or one female/ multi-male groups. Male/female Transfer: Groups may contain 1-8 immigrants. Male/female Dominance Hierarchies: One Dominant Female. Kinship: Grooming builds social bonds. Territoriality: Urinate on their claimed territory. Foraging parties: ? Aggression: No signs.


REPRODUCTION: Birth Seasonality: 6 months. Male/female sex maturity: 18 months. Gestation length: 140-150 days. Estrus Swelling: ? Litter Size: 2. Interbirth Interval: 151-156 days. Infant Birth Weight: 1 oz. Infant Mortality: If three are born, one usually dies.

PARENTAL CARE: Infants carried by females for 6 weeks. Walk at about ? months. Weaning at 2 months, but offspring stay with mothers until they are at least 12 weeks old. Relationship between mother and child ?. Infanticide ?.

TOPICS OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Dominant female causes ovarian suppression by scent and visual cues. Kept as pets sometimes. Served as model for movie "Gremlins."

BIBLIOGRAPHIC SOURCES: "A Monopoly of Maternity". Sarah Richardson. Discover, Feb 94 vol. 15 Issue 2, pg. 28.

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John Lyman

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