Red Colubus Monkey

Species: Procolobus badius.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Male Ht. 2 ft., Wt. 20 lbs. Female Ht. 1.7 ft., Wt. 13 lbs. Coat: Crown and back are dark gray, pubic area white, rest of body orange. Longevity: about 15 years in wild (?).


ECOLOGY: High canopy arboreal folivores. Home range: 100-300 acres. Day range: .5 km. Avian predators, leopards, chimps, and humans.

DIET: Mature and young leaves (90%), occasional fruits.

SOCIAL ORGANIZATION: Large multi-male groups with from 10-80 individuals. Female transfer. Male dominance hierarchy. Aggressive intergroup relations, but no territoriality. Infanticide.

REPRODUCTION: Slight bimodal birth seasonality associated with two wet and dry seasons. Males sexually mature at 5 yrs., females at 4 yrs. Gestation length: 6 months. Moderate estrus swelling. Litter size: 1. Interbirth interval: 2-3 yrs. Infant birth wt. 2 lbs.

PARENTAL CARE: Infants carried by females for 6 mo. Play begins at 4 mo.. Weaning at 1 yr.. Interbirth interval 2 yrs.

TOPIC OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Female transfer. Copulatory patterns. Predation by Chimpanzees.


Struhsaker, T.T. 1975. The red colobus monkey. Chicago: University of Chicago.

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