Hope the studying is going well. Here are some last minute items that you might want to know for sure.

Three questions, 20 points each, on the topics "Atoms & Electrons", "Molecules", and "Light".

You need to know the atomic numbers and the masses of the elements from H - Ne. I will also ask a question about another element for which you will be given the atomic number and the atomic mass.

You need to know Avogadro's number. And you need to know what a mole of atoms is and what a mole of a molecule is and what their weights are.

There will be some Lewis structures (very simple, nothing like that monster ozone) and there will be some combustion (who would have thought?!).

Light is all about wavelength, frequency, wavenumbers, and photon energies. Know how these quantities are related. There will be some simple calculations and they all can be done on paper or in one's head. Know the main types of light (radio, micro, IR, UV/VIS) and have some idea as to the wavelengths of these sorts of light.

The test will be proctored by Ms. Kathleen Carson. I will be on my way to Washington. Have a good test and see you next week.

Best, RG.