Sapling Learning - Organic Chemistry Question Sets

Sapling's chemistry questions are delivered in a web browser to provide real-time grading, response-specific coaching, improvement of problem-solving skills, and detailed answer explanations. Dynamic answer modules enable one to interact with 3D models and figures, utilize drag-and-drop synthetic routes, and draw chemical structures - including stereochemistry and curved arrows. Altogether, Sapling is cheaper than a tutor, provides more value than a solutions manual, and goes beyond a mere assessment exercise to give a learning experience.

Students, we will be using Sapling Learning for our homework. To get started:
* Go to
* a. If you already have a Sapling Learning account, log in and skip to step 3.
* b. If you have a Facebook account, you can use it to quickly create a SaplingLearning account. Click "create account" located under the username box, then click "Login with Facebook". The form will auto-fill with information from your Facebook account (you may need to log into Facebook in the popup window first). Choose a password and timezone, accept the site policy agreement, and click "Create my new account". You can then skip to step 3.
* c. Otherwise, click "create account" located under the username box. Supply the requested information and click "Create my new account". Check your email (and spam filter) for a message from Sapling Learning and click on the link provided in that email.
* Find your course in the list (listed by subject, term, and instructor) and click the link.
* Select your payment options and follow the remaining instructions. Once you have registered and enrolled, you can log in at any time to complete or review your homework assignments.
* During sign up - and throughout the term - if you have any technical problems or grading issues, send an email to explaining the issue. The Sapling support team is almost always more able (and faster) to resolve issues than your instructor and TAs.
* To optimize your Sapling Learning experience, please keep your internet browser and Flash player up to date and minimize the use of RAM-intensive programs/websites while using Sapling Learning.