Sapling Learning - Organic Chemistry Question Sets - INSTRUCTOR

Here's some info to help acclimate you with the course management system and deliver assignments to your students:

Activity Editor page - clicking on an assignment hotlink will take one to a one-stop spot for setting assignment due dates & points, visibility, and refining the questions in the assignment.
=> For editing assignments, the Activity Editor features multi-item selections (via shift or ctrl/cmd), drag-and-drop repositioning of questions, question descriptions and difficulty, an undo button, and the ability to select an entire library (e.g., Organic) or any subset of chapters or sections. (Click on the blue arrow next to a title to access the subfolders.)
=> Due dates may be set, and changed, at any time during the term. Simply changing the due date will re-open an assignment to the class.
=> Extensions may be granted to individuals.
=> NEW! Question Pools allow for: 1) different questions to be presented to different students (e.g., assign any 2 of these 5 questions to a particular student, plus randomize the presented sequence); 2) randomizing the presented sequence of a group of questions (e.g., assign all 5 of 5 questions in any order) for a portion of an assignment. Several of the provided assignments are already enhanced with questions pools, and it's easy to tweak them to best serve your class's needs...just ask if you need help.
=> Need to kill a question from a live assignment? Simply remove the question from the list; automatically, scores will update and students will no longer see the culled question.

Activities and Due Dates page - bulk actions pertaining to due dates, extensions, points possible, grading policy, and visibility for assignments may be set/changed on one page, accessed via the Activities and Due Dates button near the top left of main course page.

Scoring, Grades, and Statistics
=> By default, the assignments are each worth 100 points, evenly divided by the number of questions, and there is a 5% penalty per wrong attempt on a question (i.e., up to 20 attempts, for credit, on a question). Scoring policies:
=> The % penalty and number of attempts are adjustable in the Activity Editor.
=> Each student's score will update every time Check Answer is clicked. As such, one submits responses rather than assignments; an assignment is over when all questions are either answered correctly, given up (or attempts exhausted), or the due date passes
=> Grade book and assignment status information:
=> Individual question and student statistics are available by clicking on an assignment title from within the grade book or via the bar graph icon in the Activity Editor.

NOTE: assignments are currently hidden from students; once you've taken a look and finalized the question list, the assignment may be opened to students via the Show button at the top of the Activity Editor (or unwink the eye on the Activities and Due Dates page). In the meantime, students may begin working on the training materials (strongly recommended).