OPTION #1: HGS Organic Chemistry Molecular Models from HGS/MARUZEN

Considering the cost of Molecular Model Sets, we now require a smaller set (since 9/13) and make the following recommendations:
[1] 1003A/Student Organic Chemistry C-Set ... $28.00 (on 7/31/15)
[2] 1013A/Organic Chemistry Set for Student ... $17.00 (on 7/31/15)
--> We recommend that you purchase item [1].
--> We require that you purchase at least item [2].
--> Instruction manuals (PDF) are available online for free.

OPTION #2: Models Sets for Organic Chemistry from MEGA MOLECULES, LLC

[1] MG140 Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Set (140 pieces) ... $19.99 (on 7/31/15)
The same set is also available at the same price via amazon.