The University of Missouri at Columbia
Chemistry 2050 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry - Fall Semester 2005


I enjoyed your enthusiasm this semester. Thanks.
Bethany Newberry, Dec. 27, 2005.

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class and I learned so much! Thanks!!
Kimberly Hause, Dec. 21, 2005.

Dr. Glaser,
I was wonderfully surprised when I saw that I had the high final exam score! I was actually worried I wouldn't get an A, so this just goes to show that hard work can really pay off. I was wondering if there was any way I could get my physical exam back. I live on campus so if it wouldn't be a problem you could send it to me through campus mail at 126X Discovery Hall. Alternatively, I can also drop by your office when class resumes in January to thank you in person and pick it up then.
My progress in your class has very much assured my family as well as myself that I can overcome my hearing disability, and that my hearing loss will not keep me from being successful.
I thank you for making the course interesting and understandable.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Sincerely, Josh
Joshua Twente, Dec. 20, 2005.

Hey Dr. Glaser
This is Adam Kral, thanks for a great semester I certainly learned a lot of great information from you! Good luck in the future with teaching and research. I saw that you can inquire about your grade and I was wanting to inquire about it.
Thanks, Adam
Adam Kral, Dec. 19, 2005.

Thanks Dr. Glaser. It was a pleasure to work with you. Have a good break!
Sincerely, Delshanee
Delshanee Kotandeniya, Dec. 19, 2005.

Thanks so much. I've really enjoyed the semester with you and very much enjoyed your class. Have a nice holiday!
Kim Leffert, Dec. 18, 2005.

Hi Dr. Glaser
Hope you're enjoying the start of the break. I was wondering if if the extra credit points from attending your lecture were going to be shown on Blackboard or if they would just be taken into account when you turn in the grades. I wasn't sure how many extra credit points that was worth either. Thanks for your help and for all the enthusiam you brought to the classroom. I really did enjoy the class even though it was challenging. Have a good Christmas
Josh Funk
Dec. 18, 2005.

Dr. Glaser,
I need some advice. I know that unless I do amazingly on this final exam, I will probably fail your class. This is not because I don't enjoy it, it's just that after the first couple weeks of classes, I got myself in over my head activity-wise. My issue, is that because I've not had the time to commit to this class like before, I've not really understood anything in lecture for over a month now. I figured, "Hey, I'm behind on my studying, I'll just have to catch up before the next test" and never really got the opportunity to study the material to really understand. My question to you is what are my options?...
As I said, I really want to understand this material. The first few weeks of your course, I was terribly excited because for the first time since high school, I actually understood what was being taught in my chemistry class. I was really excited and very eager to learn and understand. I still am. I want a chance to be able to prove to you that I can be an exceptional student. Please, if there's anything that is possible . . . if there's any way for you to put a little faith in me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Sincerely yours, Sarah Hopper, Dec. 7, 2005.

Thanks! I finally feel like I'm understanding organic chemistry-see you in class!
Jessica Shanklin
Oct. 19, 2005.

more to come... (went back to 9/21 so far)