Introduction to
Organic Chemistry
Chem 2050


Modern methods for chemistry instructions have been developed and implemented by Dr. Rainer E. Glaser and his team since 1996. The instructional team includes Melissa Poole (1997-9), Dr. Deborah Hume (1999-2000), Dr. James Groccia (2001-3), Dr. Zhengyu "Martin" Wu (2001-4), Dr. Susan Schelble (2002-), Mr. Brian Hodgen (2003-4), Ms. Kathleen Carson (2003-5), Mr. Yongqiang "John" Sui (2003-), and Ms. Cecelia "Cece" Koetting (2004-5).

Funded by grants by the MU Institute for Instructional Design (1997-8), The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation (2001-2), The New York Times, the National Science Foundation (2003-5), and by matching funds by the MU PRIME Fund and the MU Department of Chemistry.