Course Essentials
Syllabus, Schedule, Instructional Team, Contact Hours, Themes, Academic Integrity & Desiderata.
Blackboard, PawPrint, and Advising.

Options for Advanced Engagement
Visit the MU Portal to Undergraduate Research and get really curious!

About Plug-ins
Viewing and printing of pdf files requires the Acrobat Reader plug-in. It's loaded in pretty much every computer. If need be, download Acrobat Reader.
Viewing molecular models requires the plug-in Chime. There are many Rasmol and Chime Tutorials online.
On one occasion, a virtual reality simulation of a reaction will be shown in lecture. This demo requires a VRML plug-in (Virtual Reality Markup Language). VRML plug-ins are available from Intervista (Worldview for PCs and CosmoPlayer for PowerMac) and many other places ... Google for VRML plug-in ...

Course Essentials Teaching Evaluations.