The University of Missouri at Columbia
Chemistry 2100 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry I - Winter 2007

NUMBER OF TESTS TAKEN: 201 (2 excused absences)

                E3Q1    E3Q2    E3Q3    E3Q4    E3Q5    Exam3  Exam3'
AVERAGE         15.5     7.2    10.8    10.0     5.5     48.9   68.9
STDEV            3.4     4.9     5.3     6.4     4.3     18.8   18.8
AVEDEV           2.8     4.2     4.5     5.7     3.4     15.8   15.8
MINIMUM          5.0     0.0     0.0     0.0     0.0     14.5   14.5
MAXIMUM         20.0    18.5    20.0    20.0    18.0     90.0  110.0
Max. Possible   20.0    20.0    20.0    20.0    20.0    100.0  120.0


Averages for the five questions were as follows:  Q1 = 15.5, Q2 = 7.1, Q3 = 10.8, Q4 
= 9.9, and Q5 = 5.5.   

Q1 is OK; that question was essentially taken from an old test of mine.  Your Q2 
performance is NOT ok!  The ether synthesis is very simple and we have talked about 
that several times.  The issues of parts (b) and (c) were discussed in lecture on 
several occasions and in reviews (pretty much in the way the questions were asked in 
the test), and the ester synthesis came up twice in reviews.  

Q3 and Q4 should have come out 3-4 points higher.  Yet, while the scores here are a 
little low, your answers actually showed quite a bit of ability.  This is not a 
contradiction.  Your work shows that many of you have the right ideas as to what 
needs to be done, but do not yet have enough exercise to think and work at a 
high rate of speed.  The speed will come with exercise and you need to keep working 
many, many problems.

The Q5 scores reflect on the length of the test, and I have said that the test was a 
little long, and I say that again.  Once you look at the AK, you will notice that Q5 
was not all that hard...  but you ran out of time.

So, here is what we do:  I added 20 points to everybody's raw score -- it's like one 
entire question was now dropped -- and that upgraded score appears in BB.  This is 
the best correction I could come up with for the test-length-issue.  This correction 
moves the average to 68 for exam#3, and all the students with "raw" scores of 65 and 
over are moving into the A-range.

I want to see EVERYBODY for a few minutes in my office Thursday morning 10-noon, or 
Friday afternoon 1-5pm, or Monday 10:30-11:30am or after 3pm, or Tuesday 10-11am to 
return exam#3 and all old tests and quizzes and to review with you individually 
where you stand before the final.  This meeting is required.  

See you in class, RG.