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The University of Missouri at Columbia
Chemistry 210 - Organic Chemistry I - Fall Semester 2000

Quotes about 210f00

Dr. Glaser, Apostˇ alguien ha traducido ya estos pero pensˇ que vali— un intento. Gracias.... German: Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnuegen. English: Only the work, then the pleasure. Spanish: Solamente el trabajo, entonces el placer. French: Seulement le travail, puis le plaisir. -------------------------------------- German: Der Misserfolg ist die Mutter des Erfolgs. English: Failure is the mother of success. Spanish: El incidente es la madre del ˇxito. French: La panne est la m¸re du succ¸s. --------------------------------- Thanks, Danke, Gracias, Merci Erin Hodel
Dr. Glaser: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the quality review sessions. They are fun and informative as well as a good review. I would especially like to thank you for personally conducting the sessions--it very motivating to have the instructor working overtime to help students succeed. Thanks for your time, Kim Delcour
Guten tag well, for those of you who speak German...props to you....but for those of you who speak Spanish....here you go. enjoy pura vida Do I get points, too? Lo que podemos hacer hoy no debe ser dejado para manana. (yeah, I know, no accents available on this keyboard) La manana es lo mas lindo y propio tiempo para trabajar porque entonces nosotros estamos rejuvendicos, mas flexibles, mas fuertes, mas irritables, y en verdad, mostrando una forma de hacer de un tipo llena de juventud. Practicar hace el maestro bueno, pura vida a todos que me entienden....que les vaya bien y tal vez me responden.... Ciao, Elizabeth Collins :)
Hi, ... OK, all done...for now. Just wanted to send this in and say that I am enjoying the class so far. YouŹare doing an excellentŹjob of keeping a somewhat dry subject very interesting. Oh, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to get bonus points, which is definitely cool. Thank you for your time. Chris Lacy
Dear Sir, ... Thanks for your patience and also I would like to thank you for the review sessions. These were some of the better review sessions i've been to. I particularly like the questions that you ask us. Respectfully, Brian W. Kelley
Good morning Dr Glaser, My name is Josh Ratchford and I am in your organic class at 9:00. I wanted to know if you could tell me where I could find those pictures of Carbon 14 decay on the internet site. Or maybe it was pictures of other structures? I think that you said something about a hyperlink. I would appreciate your help. Can I come talk to you sometime about the universe? The first day of class you got my attention when you asked us "who put all of the carbon there?." I have wondered this for the past year or so. I have read a few cosmology book and some philosophy. I am just a confused college boy trying to find the meaning of life. Thank you for your time, Big Josh
Carbon is Star Stuff!