MU - Chemistry 210
SN2 Reaction in VRML

"Virtual Reality" refers to programming in a 3-dimensional environment. All objects are actually treated as 3-dimensional objects and not just as the surface visible by a viewer located in a fixed position. Hence, the viewer can walk around and take a look at the 3-dimensional environment form any position he or she choses.

"Virtual Reality" has been employed by architects and realtors for years. Let the prospective home owners "walk" through their future homes even before the homes are build. Know your home from every perspective - that is very different than knowing the object from just one point of view.

The internet culture has resulted in many developments of reaction animations. Many of these developments show the reaction from one viewer position. Take a look at the SN2 reaction shown in Iverson's Movie Directory from UT Austin.

With virtual reality, it is now possible to show the reaction animation in 3-dimensional space and let the viewer select the perspective. A "virtual reality" scenario is referred to as a "world". VRML stands for "Virtual Reality Modeling Language" and it is kind of the HTML for 3-d applications. So, make sure your machine has a VRML 2.0 plugin loaded, and give it a try.

Reaction #1: Hydroxide Reacts with Methyl Chloride
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