MU - Chemistry 210

Check out the "Web Destinations" link on the course page. This link leads you to Dr. Glaser's Portal to Organic Chemistry Destinations on the World Wide Web which contains chapter-by-chapter links to organic chemistry resources.

Among the links to chapter 5, do visit the Stereochemistry Online Page at Colby College. There you will find 10 Comparison Problems and 10 Chirality Problems that are really good exercise for you. Do them all! Build models as needed.

For more tutorials and exercises on stereochemistry, visit the Stereochemistry Sources at Okanagan University College.

If you come across some link that you think would be good to include in this collection, please do let me know. If I decide to add your link, you will earn 5 points (which count toward the 30 extra points you can earn in Chem 210).