Kaleb Hellwg, James Aaron Hoefer, Curtis Scherder, Mandy Kendrick, Kelly
Schuster, Lauren Kraus, Nancy Schnell and Mike Gietl are the members of
group 10: THE WEED KILLERS.  

       Our large group had difficulty finding a suitable time to meet,
because of conflicting schedules; therefore, as an entire group we met
only a couple of times at Memorial Union once before each test. The Weed
Killers found it to be more successful to divide into subgroups of two and
three persons to study.  This accomplished two things:  it allowed for
people with compatible schedules to meet together and it also allowed for
those more advanced in our group to work together at a faster pace than
others in the group.  The subgroups met a couple times each week.  One
subgroup met in the Agronomy-Weed Science graduate office and the other
group met at Memorial Union.  
  	The group work allowed us to come together and bring our different
viewpoints and perspectives to help each other understand the materials
being taught.  It also provided a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere, which
is necessary for learning such difficult material.
  	In our study groups we reviewed the notes from class, read the
newspaper articles, and reviewed old tests together.  One subgroup worked
on the visualization centers together while the other subgroup left it up
to individuals to look at the visualization centers.    
  In the future we would like to see more recitations offered outside of
the classroom.  Some of us had to work on Wednesday evenings, making it
impossible to attend the reviews.  We would also like to see more office
hours available for help.  
         Overall, our group agreed that the collaboration groups and
absolute grading were the best combination to use for this class.  It
encouraged those of us with less than average understanding of the subject
to work hard, knowing exactly what we needed to get to receive the grade
we wanted.