From: "Dennis, Renee L. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: FW: Group Dynamics, Group 15
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 07:50:25 -0600


    While our group agrees that the idea of group work can greatly
enhance the learning process, for this particular class we found our
"group" to be rather worthless.  Many of the students in the class were
not very familiar with other members of the class.  Personally, we found
it better to get to know other people in the class and recognize those
that shared many of the same classes and collaborate with them when it
was time to study.  Perhaps if the lecture were accompanied by a lab,
the group idea might work a little better, but this is not the case. We
had a couple of ideas that might make collaborative grouping more of a
success.  Perhaps instead of forming permanent groups for the entire
semester, the class could use a couple of class periods to do a group
project or something of this nature.  I know this seems like a pain
considering it cuts into lecture time, and the class is rather large,
making organizing much of anything a little more difficult.  But if the
groups are going to have ANY purpose, then something else needs to be
done.  One more solution:  maybe the groups could be formed a little bit
more into the semester.  perhaps after about 4 weeks or so.  This would
give us time to get to know a few members of the class, find out which
students share other classes and hence a similar schedule, etc.

Group 15
Leslie Ehlmann
Renee Dennis
Amanda Goff
Amber Epple
Scott Myers


From: "Myers, Scott D. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: RE: Group dynamics
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 11:13:04 -0600 

Dr. Glaser,

I was originally, and still am in Group 15 (Lesli), I looked at the list
and my name was not on it, however, it is on the Groups Dynamics Report
for group 15. I also worked in a newly formed group of Alexis Lynch and
myself, I'm not sure which group she was in originally though.


Scott Myers

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From: Dr. Rainer Glaser
To: Myers, Scott D. (UMC-Student)
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Subject: Re: Group dynamics

Please add group number and/or group name and resubmit.  If you 
changed groups, then write from which group you came to joind the new 
group.  Best, RG.

>Dr. Glaser,
>      While in another group originally, I also worked in a group with
>a friend from class, Alexis Lynch.  We didn't get to meet extremely
>often, however we did usually get together before tests to go over some
>of the exercises and other problems.  We both agree that the group work
>was somewhat beneficial to each of us, as we were sort of able to help
>each other with various concepts.
>      We think that the group idea is good, however we believe that it
>could be better if ther were some sort of outlined group times.
>However, this would be very difficult with a class of this size.
>      When we did get together, we usually went over some problems and
>discussed some of the things that we were having trouble with.  Looking
>back no, we probably should have gone over some of the on-line stuff
>together as well.  We agree that having the groups is a good idea
>overall, as it helps promote studying.  However, I believe that finding
>the motivation to keep up with this studying must be done on an
>individual level first.
>Scott Myers
>Alexis Lynch