From: "Erin C. Hodel" 
Subject: Group Dynamics Report for KhemKidz
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 01:59:23 -0600
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 01 Dec 2000 07:59:24.0296 (UTC)

Dr. Glaser,
The following is the Group Dynamics Report for KhemKidz which initially
consisted of Erin Hodel, Lynn Freiermuth, and Dan Joseph.  Dan Joseph
joined another group after the first 2 weeks of school. 
Lynn and I became group members because we see each other 5 days a week!
We have Invertebrate Zoology lecture and lab together so we thought it
would be a great idea to form a group for Organic since we see each other
so often.  We frequently asked questions regarding the schedule of events
(reviews, tests, assignments due and when, etc.) in our lab because we sit
next to each other.  We did most of our communicating during our lab and
set up times to study and work problems.  Although we are both not big
into group studying, we agree it was beneficial having someone to work
with.  We think the fact that it was only a 2 person group was
helpful because there wasn' t as much time lost to chit-chatting as there
would have been with a larger group.  During our study sessions we
reviewed lecture notes and worked problems.  Working problems was
especially helpful with another person. We ended up meeting 4 times during
the semester which was less than both of us originally intended but plan
on meeting again before the final exam. 
Thank You,
Erin Hodel
Lynn Freiermuth