Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:34:56 EST
Subject: group project

Group Name:      The Resonants
Group Members:   Sean Blake, Kim Delcour, Ryan Grueber, Michelle
                 Meiklejohn and Trisha Stanley

Our group met approximately once every week to week and a half with
various members in attendance each session.

During the study sessions, the materials covered included class notes, 
practice exams and exercises, and previous semester exams.  On a couple of 
ocassions, the model sets were also utilized.

The findings of the group regarding positive aspects of group study are as 
    1. Studying with others allows one to ask questions and clarify 
information covered in class.
    2. Collaborating with other members in the class allows one to see how 
their peers are doing, to identify gaps in knowledge and to learn
additional study methods.
    3. Studying with others created an avenue of information sharing (i.e.
if one member of the group couldn't be at the review session he/she
could  coordinate obtaining the info. from a group member who was in

The difficulties experienced by our group was primarily related to 
scheduling.  As a result of differing work schedules, differing class 
schedules, family obligations, and commuting, arranging meeting times 
satisfactory for all 5 group members was very challenging.  Therefore, the 
following suggestions were given as ideas to possibly improving the group 
study process:
    1. Give groups 5 to 10 minutes at the end of class once a week so they 
could plan/organize group meetings.
    2. Reduce the group size to a maximum of 3-4 members as it is
difficult to coordinate 5+ schedules.  Fewer members should make
coordinating satisfactory meeting times an easier task.
    3. Randomly assign class members to groups then allow them 2-3 weeks
to switch.  This would take the pressure off of individuals who don't 
know other members of the class.

Overall, two of the group members thought that the group work had a
positive impact on their grade and/or learning of the material.  Two additional
group members thought that working in a group wasn't particularly helpful
as it was not their preferred method of study.  The fifth member, who was
only able to attend a few sessions secondary to scheduling conflicts, had 
no comment regarding how the group activity had impacted his/her
performance in the class.  However, this particular member noted that
he/she studied with a student from another group who had a similar class