Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 18:50:31 EST
Subject: Group Dymanic Report Take 2

Dr. Glaser,

We hope this is what you wanted.

We are the group Chemists Anonymous.  The Group consists of Jesse Elgin,
Nick Pino and Adam Newman (Mr. Caton is no longer in the class). Our group
has worked together very effectively, although our grades may not support
that conclusion.  We meet on average of once a week and more when test
time neared.  We usually met in varied campus libraries.
The three of us have worked together before and done well and got along.
One thing that I feel helped our group is that we all come from varied
majors with different scientific backgrounds. The one Biology major
usually went for an understanding through enzymes and biological
processes.  While the other two engineering students had more of a
mechanical understanding of the reactions.  One area we think you could
improve on would be to have the groups work together more.  While we did
study well together, I guess we expected more from the way you described
the groups on the first day.  Maybe a Take-Home Exam or a small group
projects, any opportunity to earn more points is always appreciated.  We
hope this helps.

The Chemists Anonymous