To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: The Gladiators: Dynamics Report
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 23:33:47 -0600

     Our group consists of Brent Powers, Craig George, Jacob Mohnke,
Hilary Willard and Heather Wescoat.  We met as a whole, once a week and
twice a week on exam weeks. Pairs of us met more often, usually three
times a week.  
     When the whole group met we worked on multiple choice questions
from the web and previous tests.  In our subgroups we worked problems
out of the book and discussed individual problems with the reading.
Each of us were responsible for looking at news items and other web
materials individually.  
     The group was beneficial because it helped people that didn't
understand to get assistance from others in the group.  The weekly
meetings forced us to keep up with the material.  Although group work
had its benefits, it often became tedious to get much done with five
people talking simultaneously, which brought on the use of the
     Collaboration is a helpful strategy in both competitive and
absolute grading and we feel it is espcially necessary in a course iwth
such difficult material.  However, some of the best studying is done
individually.  Overall, we feel that our collaboration made the course
more manageable but is no substitute for self motivation.