From: "Christian, Michael R. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: Schmoops' Group Dynamics Report
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 14:11:43 -0600

Dr. Glaser-

Schmoops' Group Dynamics Report. 

     Our group, Schmoops, met just about every Thursday night around
8:00 at the Sigma Chi house.  For the most part, we all would show up at
every meeting, except for one girl, who we believe must have dropped the
class at the beginning of the semester because no one has been able to
get a hold of her. 
     On the Thursdays before tests, we would meet earlier to spend more
time together studying and to make sure that we all knew the information
that was necessary.  On Thursdays that did not precede tests we spent
time going over the different items on the web such as the news items,
the visualization centers, and practice problems.  After all of that, we
would go over anything that anyone didn't understand until each person
had a firm grasp on the subject.  Our meetings typically lasted between
45 minutes to an hour.  We didn't have difficulty working together.  We
actually got along quite well ....... especially with the girl who never
showed up, she never caused any problems.
     We all agree that collaboration has helped us and is a useful
learning tool.  However, we also feel like we should have had some
project to be working on instead of just studying because we don't feel
like most groups met as often as we did due to the fact that there was
little incentive. 
In your e-mail you asked whether group work should be more formalized
with scheduled meeting times.  We decided that yes, we think that it
would be a good idea, but the only way to really do that would be to set
up discussion sections with a T.A.  We feel that discussion sections
would be an excellent addition to this class.

Schmoops is: Leslie Vernon, Krista Arnsmeyer, Jay Roberson, and Mike