Group Dynamics Report
Richard Stanway
Rosie Albers
Melynda Marchael
Jason Edwards
Benjamin Coe
Josiah James

We met twice before different tests, to study together.  It was hard to
get together because the group was so large, and we had multiple schedule
conflicts.  The entire group never met, other than to write the report,
subgroups did meet.  As we said before, the group size was too large.  We
didn't have any difficulty working with the others when we met in our
group.  We do not think that it is the best strategy, and do not like
absolute grading.  We enjoyed getting to know new people through our group
and enjoyed the fellowship that it provided.  We enjoyed the new insights
that the other members brought to the problems we were given and new
strategies for studying by ourselves were also developed.  People had
scheduling problems and maybe if we had a discussion section the problems
we had with the material could be dealt with in a more timely manner and
in a better way than a "best guess" by a fellow group mate.  Yes, that
would be advantageous to have scheduled meeting times.  We used practice
tests, problems out of the book and the old tests to help us study.  We
never looked at the online media together because there were too many of
us and it seemed to us it would be more efficient by ourselves.  We did
discuss the news items, however only briefly.  We did understand the
connection between real life and organic chemistry and used the chem.
finder website in other applications beyond our class work.  

Sincerely Ben Coe, Melynda Marchael, Rosie Albers, Jason Edwards, Richard
Stanway, Josiah James.