Tracy Lipskoch, Emily Turner, Heather Bruce, Amy Wessel, Jessica Wehmeyer
Looking back at the first meeting of our members makes each of us smile.
It was almost the first week of school. Simply put ... our group assembled
because we sat in the front of class.  We had talked casually as
acquaintances before the group was assembled. Eventually we talked not
only as future organic chemists but also as newfound friends.
	We mostly met on Wednesdays after a review or on Sundays. Everyone
works at a job so scheduling was difficult.  We always ended up meeting
after everyone got off work.  The meeting usually started off with
proclamations of displeasure from organic chemistry.  However, as the
meeting wore on, problems were finished and flashcards were drawn.  We can
honestly say that each one of us learned something from our meetings that
before had been found as thoroughly confusing.  It was easy to learn
something extremely complicated just by hearing it a second time in
familiar terms.  As the night progressed, our thoughts would turn to how
each was doing in the class.  We even went as far as to playing the role
of mother by making sure each showed up in class.
	Each group member was a comfort zone for one another.
Understanding that each one of us was not alone in our thoughts and
confusions made a secure place to be.  We would definitely recommend group
collaborations in the future.