From: "Marietta, Jason R. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: Group Dynamics Report(Group #31)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 11:18:48 -0600 

Group #31
	Our group found it rather difficult to find a time to meet.  Our
schedules were very conflicting and it just became frustrating after a
short time.  We met a few times over the course of the semester usually
at night.
	During these meetings we discussed our studying techniques and
which ones we thought were the most effiecent and beneficial.  For
example, one of the group members recommended flashcards and we all
agreed that it was a good idea.  Other times, we actually reviewed a
little bit and brought up questions each of us had problems with.
	The times we did meet we think it was beneficial.  But it was
just hard to find those times to meet.  We are looking forward to having
Chem 212 together.  We are hoping that our schedules will match up
better and we can carry the group over.
	It might have been better if we had a task to complete as group
by the end of the semester.  Some kind of motivation to get us going.

Jason Marietta
Trent Redfearn
Maria Messner
Jay Decker