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Subject: RE: group report
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 22:09:55 -0600 

 Sorry........Group number 32

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>Here are our group members, we all got together at Memorial Union and
>took part in writing this report:
>Brooke Gilbert
>Paula Kendrick
>Keith Street
>Kristie Grimm
>       Collaborative groups are useful in this class to understand
>concepts and re-emphasize important points brought up in lecture.
>However, our group faces a challenge.  We are all more independent
>studiers and used the group very few times.  We feel that by looking up
>the answers and finding them ourselves better emphasizes the concepts
>than just being told by another group member.  The groups were useful
>when we came together to structure our learning: such as finding and
>listing the 40 kinds of reactions for the previous test.  Time was also
>an inhibitor to get our group together.  More often than not we could
>only get together for an hour or so at a time because of other classes
>and work schedules.
>      The collaborative groups were also helpful to explain missed
>lectures.  It is a challenge to go through and understand lecture notes
>without someone to explain them.  There was one instance that a group
>member had a conflict with the class and it was helpful to that member
>to explain the notes.