From: "Sheared, Jamil R. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: Group Dynamics Report
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 00:24:11 -0600 
Importance: high
X-Priority: 1

Group Name: Romanda's Company
Group Members: Romanda Walker - c752912
               Jamil Sheared  - c749573
               Jessica Walker - c775765
               Amy Cox        - c780442

       I am delivering the group dynamic report on behalf of my fellow
group members. Earlier tonight we met and discussed what would go in
this report and every thing that is said has been heard and accepted by
the rest of the group. 

      Our group has met once during the past two months. That meeting
was on the Tuesday before the third and most recent test. This was not
due to a lack of laziness by our group as well all spent a reasonable
amount of study time on the other two tests. We were unable to meet for
the first test because of overall group confusion about the place were
supposed to meet. We did not study together for the second test because
we were unable to decide on a correct time. We did study together for
two hours before the last test, each member of group present. We went
over old tests, the notes in class and any outside notes that we had
taken, in the form of note cards and online printouts. Our efforts to
address these problems will be stated later in the report.

      Ironically, our grades on the tests have not reflected our
shortage of group meetings. As with the overall class, our grades dipped
with each tests therefore making the third test, the one which on we
studied together, the lowest of the three scores. However, we do state
that if we had not gotten together for that one at all our test scores
would have been even lower than they were. 

        Our group feels that the reasons our grades are low is due to
the lack of ressucitation courses similar to the ones offered in
CHemistry 31, 32, & 33. Studying together has its benefits, no one
argues this, but some instances lead to a "blind leading the blind"
problem, where no one knows the answer to a particular problem or how to
go about doing it. With only one T.A., we cannot expect her to be able
to service the entire class. If there were ressucitation - with more
T.A.'s - there would be higher test grades and we wouldn't have the low
grades that we have, no matter absolute or bell curve grade.

      On the final test we are going to make a better effort to meet
together. We will meet at least twice before the final, once before the
quiz and once after the final review. We will probably have to meet more
times than this in order to sharpen all of our skills on alcohols. We
feel that with these three meetings we will be able to crack the test

Jamil Sheared
Romanda's Company