Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:34:59 -0500
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From: clha42 
Organization: UMC
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Subject: Good Afternoon!!! Group Dynamic Report

    We are group Good Afternoon (Group 34).  Our group now consists of
Michelle Zimbelman, Melanie Cole, and Crystal Hayes.  When we first
decided to get together this semester we could never get a hold of
Jessica Harman and Breezy Ochoa ended up withdrawing from the class.  We
did not meet that often due to conflicting schedules, but we would get
together at least once before each test.  When we met we would review
our notes, talk about any problems or questions we encountered, and look
over old tests.  Our group members did the visualization center and read
the news items on their own time. We feel that this type of group
collaboration would best benefited if we had an assignment at the
beginning of the semester so we could have gotten to know one another
better and felt more comfortable coming to each other with our organic
chemistry problems.  It was difficult to make the incentive to get
together in our groups because we did not know one another.  We feel
that the collaboration groups were beneficiary, but more structure to
them would of helped us out more.  All in all, we were cooperative with
one another and we worked well together.  We really tried to help one
another succeed in this class.  Our group feels this is an important and
challenging course.

Crystal Hayes
Melanie Cole
Michelle Zimbelman