From: "Aaron Tesfai" 
To: "Dr. Glaser" 
Subject: Group collaborating-Tesfai and Friends
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 02:16:48 -0800
X-Priority: 3



Group Dynamics

Aaron Tesfai, Brian Kelley, Jon Strobel, Sam Stephens, Ashley Greene

            Our group met pretty consistently. Sometimes a member was not
able to show up at the meetings but that hardly was ever the case.  We
usually met on Mondays and Wednesdays at about 7:00 p.m. in Hudson in the
second floor in the lounge.  We had a pretty good size of people in our
group. Sometimes a person would read a question to the group and each
person in the group would write what they think the answer was.  Then we
all discussed how we approached and came to our answers.  Finally, we
would all come to a consensus and then approach the next question. This
process was very helpful in understanding difficult concepts in organic
chemistry. Furthermore, during our chemistry meetings, we would discuss
what Dr. Glaser covered in lecture and we would thoroughly go over the
notes.  After we discussed the notes and the topics covered in lecture, we
would go over the problems in the back of the chapters that were covered
that day in class.  Furthermore, we also went online and read the articles
and looked at the structures together.  Looking at the structures as a
group further helped us understand the structure of the molecules:
chirality, symmetry, etc ... 

            For the most part our group worked well together.  Sometimes a
member would show up a little late but we still got our job done.  We
disagreed once in a while when trying to prove that our answer was right.
For the most part though, we got along just fine.

            Collaborating with our group members was helpful in this class
because of the absolute grading system.  Since we were not competing
against each other for a curved grade, we were able to use combined
knowledge to solve hard problems without worrying about our grades.
Because we were in a group, we could discuss amongst ourselves about
chemistry concepts.  If we were not in a group, I think it would be
slightly harder to maintain the grades we do.  Thus, interaction amongst
our peers is an excellent way to succeed in a class, especially organic