From: "Anna Smith" 
Subject: group dynamics report
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 21:15:41 -0800
X-Priority: 3

Group Name:  Questions?
Group Members:  Anna Smith, Trisha Giboney, Andrew Fennewald, Paul
Emberton, Darren Gentry, and Doug Rosaaen
This semester our Collaborative Group served its purpose well, aiding
greatly in our understanding of the class material.  It was an
encouragement to meet and see the other members of our group.  Though
scheduling conflicts prevented us from meeting regularly, we often
gathered in pairs or three to look overĘthe material.  I think having
groups helps up look at the material in slightly different ways.
Sometimes it helps to have the other people explain things in different
ways.  Also the group just helps clarify points of difficulty in which an
individual is having problems with .  While we were unable to meet
regularly, using the other members of our collaborative group when we
could to understand the subject matter of organic chemistry was good.  It
helped to grasp some of the more difficult concepts of the course.
Lastly, meeting with other members of our group gave us a broader
perspective on the importance of the material in the world and lives of
those around us.  It helped us see organic chemistry as more than material
in the textbook in front of us and realize its role in our majors and