From: "Brennan, Stephanie L. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: RE: Dynamics Reports, group 38
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 15:36:00 -0600 

 Dr. Glaser, 

Here is our group dynamics report.  We are group #38, Iceman.  Our
members are Stephanie Brennan, James Herrick, Kimberly Santen, and
Jennifer Clark.

Basically, our group had some major scheduling conflicts.  In the
beginning of the semester we didn't realize how important it was to stay
caught up, and we didn't make a permanent meeting time.  We tried to
pick a place and one evening every week to meet and study, but this was
impossible.  2 of our members were athletes who were traveling out of
town often, and it was extremely difficult to pick a night that worked
for everyone.  After the first exam we realized that we needed to invest
more time and so we begin setting meeting times week by week.  We
usually met in the late evenings (around 9 pm) in Brady and studied for
almost 2 hours.   We didn't get to meet every week, but we did fit in 2
sessions before the second exam and 2 before the 3rd one. Our meetings
were generally helpful, and we usually just worked the problems at the
end of the chapters.  In retrospect, we decided that we should have
spent less time working out of the text and more time discussing the
issues that we knew were important or confusing from lecture.  We never
spent anytime online together, but we agree that we all preferred to
study those sections independently becuase of our different schedules
and our different study styles.  We think that group collaboration is a
great way to learn, especially in a class with an absolute grading
scale.  We didn't take advantage of our group collaboration as much as
we should have, but we all feel that the hours we spent together were
very helpful.  We all agreed that scheduled study times would be
dramatically more effective, for us and for the entire class.  Maybe
each person could sign up for a group at the beginning of the course
based on location and time; this would eliminate most of the scheduling