From: "Candance Waller" 
Subject: Group reports
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 18:23:48 -0600
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 01 Dec 2000 00:23:48.0448 (UTC)

Group 39
The Five Complex Resonance Structures

    Group 39 included Candance Waller, Terie Bolton, Sabrina Weaver, Ina
Harvey and Nakia Moore, all of which are biology majors.  This group was
formed from persons having previous associations with others  through
various classes or activities, and although not everyone in the group knew
the others, becuase everyone knew someone, we were able to quickly
overcome this problem.

    However, as the semester progressed, we discovered that not knowing
all persons in the group would be the least of our problems.  All but one
person lived off campus, some had families to take care of, and all of us
had jobs, which made meeting very difficult. Our solution to this problem
was that we made an agreement to meet before each test, usually after the
review session, and use these two nights to review, and go over practice
exams together, and attempt to ask and answer any questions remaining.
Prior to this however, we usually ended up in sub groups which would start
meeting a couple of times a week, about two weeks before the test, and if
scheduling permitted, more.  Also, as a group we visited the visualization
centers and couple of times, and read the articles, but agreed that we did
not have to do this as a group, and so made each person responsible for
her own learning of these things.
    We decided that this was the best method for our group becuause of the
circumstances mentioned earlier.  Also, it seemed harder to study as a
whole group, becuase too far before the exam, everyone was someplace
different, and not everyone was prepared. We do agree that having a group
is beneficial because you have others there to study (or suffer:)) with,
ask questions, etc., but the smaller groups seemed to be more productive
than the whole.  Understanding that groups are there to help, it is also
understood that one's performance will ultimately be based upon his or her
own ambition.  This being said, although we recommend collaboration, we
agree that it is each person that make the grade, whether they are
independent or in a group.