From: "Marshall, Brandon J. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: Group Dynamics Report
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 08:55:52 -0600 

Dr. Glaser,
We had our report written by last Thursday, and it was supposed to be my
responsibility to send the email on Friday since it was written on my
computer.  However, I forgot to send it since it was saved in my drafts
folder.  So if there is a penalty for turning this in late, I ask that
you take the points away from my (Brandon Marshall) score and not the
rest of the group.  Thanks.  Brandon

Chembots, Group 43.
Brandon Marshall, Megan Harvey, Amanda Bergtholdt, Kevin Fallert, Casey
Cary, Jess Zotta.

In our group, it was always difficult to find a good time to meet.  It
always turned out that we had other tests to study for, as many times we
had up to three exams in the same week.  That made it tough for all of us
to find a good time to get together.  For this reason, we sometimes just
had to meet in groups of two , or sometimes forego meeting at all.
However, the few times we were able to meet as a group, we liked to meet
in Memorial Union so we could chat and study without disturbing others.

Perhaps our group size was too large, but since we all knew each other
already, we did not want to leave anyone out.  On the other hand, we
worked well together since we did know everyone.  We were able to
communicate effectively and get a lot done.  As far as collaboration goes,
the group as a whole benefited from discussing the topic, but at the same
time, collaborating groups got to be a hassle.

Our group liked to work through the notes and discuss each topic
thoroughly until we understood it as best as possible.  We mainly talked
and used the book, notes, and models to acomplish this.  Overall, we
enjoyed being able to set up our own times.  If there were strict
schedules, we would not have been able to meet them oftentimes, and we
enjoyed and benefited from working together.