From: "josh ratchford" 
Subject: Mad Hatters Group Dynamics Report
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 16:18:20 
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 27 Nov 2000 16:18:20.0944 (UTC)

Mad Hatters
Original Group Members:
1. Josh Ratchford 2. Elaine Griesenauer 3. Rakan Al-Kenaibet 4. Gail

	Our experience as the Mad Hatters was probably typical of many of
the other groups.  Things that we did enjoy doing as a group were making
"friends" with one another and of course collaborating with each other
over our hairy and hard to do chemistry  problems.  Things that we did not
like to do was schedule our times so that four people could meet all at
the same place and of course the same time.  Gail was the only member of
our group to not attend any of our scheduled mettings, due to scheduling
conflicts (duh). It was also frustrating to work as a team when trying to
understand a concept that only one person understood.  For example, all of
the reaction chemistry that we just did.  The idea that "all for one"  is
really frustrating when you try to teach reaction chemistry to people who
don't know it well, especially if you are not sure of your own
comprehension of it (this is josh speaking).
Not much advice we can give to you because it is up to us to make this
work.  But maybe we could advise you to have a better system to form
groups at the beginning of the semester.  How?  Sorry, we don't know.  It
was just that the e-mail system of doing it took longer than the scheduled
time to have a complete group.


The Mad Hatters