From: "Morrison, Thomas B. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: RE: Dynamics Reports
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:28:07 -0600

 Dr. Glaser,

We are group 46:
Ben Morrison
Stephen Drake
Lindsey Walker
Chris Nichols (who kind of dropped out)

Our group met once before every test and/or when ever anyone needed to
discuss a certain topic.  Everytime we met Morrison, Walker, and Drake
were there but Nichols never showed up and then dropped out of
communication from the group.  The group size which ended up being three
was perfect because it was easy to get together and there weren't a
bunch of schedules to work with.  We all got a long fine and were able
to study efficiently.  We think that collaboration is a good strategy
for a class such as this with a absolute grading scale because there is
no real feeling of competition because there isn't really a curve.
Being able to teach other students in areas that you understand and
having other students help you with parts that you have trouble with.
We think that it might be nice if you gave group problems for each
section of the class that would be done by the groups and then turned in
to give the groups some material to work on. Or something along those
lines.  We think that the group work should stay informal as it is so
the groups can work with their own pace.  WE would study all of the
practice exams excercises and old exams along with problems from the
book.  We never looked at the online materials together except for the
news items which we would discuss.  We were able to make the connection
between organic chemistry and real life especially with the aid of the
news articles which helped bring the connection into our view.  In
conclusion we feel that the group idea is a very good one and that you
should continue to utlize it.  We all feel that it helped in our
understanding of organic chemistry

Ben Morrison 769186
Stephen Drake 748968
Lindsey Walker 746908