Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 21:20:23 EST
Subject: chem group

hi dr. glaser,
my name is meghann o'brien
meghann fisher e-mailed you about our group, but you needed our name
earlier in the semester i had e-mailed you with our group members names
which were tabitha stith, sabrina barber, and jen(i can't remember her
name), also meghann fisher--but before we even met everyone went to
groups except meghann and myself
we couldn't find anyone else who needed a group so the two of us just met
i never e-mailed you back with a group name though
so if we still can we would like to call ourselves M & M
meghann fisher already the dynamics report, so i hope you will accept it
thank you very much
meghann o'brien