Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 22:30:40 EST
Subject: (no subject)

Group Dynamics Report

Meghann Fisher
Meghann O'brien

    The hardest part of this collaborative learning idea was actually
getting the group together.  I didn't know anyone in the class so I
responded to Meghann on the discussion list.  She was looking for group
members.  We originally had four members but two of them joined other
groups, so our group consists of just the two of us.
    We met once a week at Memorial Union in the afternoons and studied 
together before each test.  We worked the problems at the end of each
chapter and studied our notes.  We each made flashcards for each test 
and studied  them then exchanged cards and studied each others. This
worked out really well.  We looked at the visualization center and the
webpage material separately unless one of us did not understand
    We both agree that collaborate learning is a good strategy for a
course like Chemistry 210.  We also think it worked out well that it 
was just the two of us because it would have been hard getting four or
five people together.  It was hard enough for just us to get together.
Group studying, we feel has helped us to understand the material more
thoroughly and it gave each of us an idea of what to study by consulting 
each other.  On the whole this was a good experience for both of us and we
feel our group was successful in the goal of collaborate learning.