From: "Hegerfeld, Kristopher D. (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Glaser, Rainer E." 
Subject: dynamics report
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 22:39:49 -0600

The Cool Chemist Gang:  Dynamics report

Kris Hegerfeld
Jennifer Holstein   
Jamie Wiliams
Ashkan Mojdehi
Jerri Turner

     We feel that the collaborative groups are an excellent idea, but we
feel the idea could be improved upon.  It is good because people think
differently and you can get a variety of viewpoints on different
concepts.  However, with groups of six, it is very hard to get together
because of conflicting schedules.  We feel that meeting in groups helps
tremendously whether the class has absolute grading or not.  
     It would be more beneficial if the groups were slightly smaller
with three or four members.  Because our group had such varying
schedules, we actually ended up studying in smaller groups.  We met in
groups of two and three for reviewing the chapters and problems fairly
regularly, and we met in one large group before each exam.  We did the
on-line visualization centers and news items on our own.  
     We feel that the news items are a  great addition to the web site.
We feel that it is really good to incorporate every day news with
concepts discussed in class.  The web destinations were also good.
     Suggestions we have for the collaborative groups in addition to
making them smaller, is to include having group assignments.  This would
increase the likelihood of the groups meeting more often and it would
create a few extra points in addition to the tests for the class.